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Husky Motorcycles Built by Jake Hobbs of Utah

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May 23, 2023
Husky Motorcycles Built by Jake Hobbs of Utah

Jake Hobbs is an artisan, athlete, and life motivator, not a businessman. Jake Hobbs hails from Arizona but has spent the past few decades in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jake has been building custom motorcycles for the past 15 years and has a large clientele for his custom Husky dirt bikes built out of his shop in Utah. 

Jake Hobbs’s dirt bike builds are desirable because they combine three key elements.

  1. Performance
  2. Durability
  3. Style


The Husky dirt bikes come from the factory in Austria and are built to perform, but there is always customization that can enhance performance.  In the case of a Jake Hobbs build, he adds modifications that enhance the bike’s performance for the single track we ride in the Utah mountains and Utah desert. Adding an FMF gnarly pipe provides the bike with low-end power that is ideal for the slower technical riding we do in Utah. 


Jake’s motorcycle builds are designed to handle the abuse of riding in Utah.  The riding in Utah can range from a 10,000-foot mountain single track to deep desert sand. Jake Hobbs knows how to build a bike that won’t leave you stranded.  Jake’s build include protective engine guards which prevents engine case punctures and preserves the OEM finish which increases resale value.  More often than not riding in Utah has resulted in twisted radiators.  Breaking a radiator can not only leave you stranded but the parts are very expensive to replace.  Jake Hobbs builds all include radiator braces which is simple insurance to prevent getting stranded in the Utah backcountry. 

Jake Hobbs Husky dirt bikes are reconized throughout Utah because of the attention to detail and design Jake puts into his bike builds.  Jake Hobbs has an excellent eye for detail and transforms stock Husky motorcycles into completely looking custom motorcycles.  People always stop to ask me what kind of bike I have.  Jakes graphic kits will identify the bike as a Husky but in a very low key way.  If you enjoy a custom look that is opposite of the OEM bikes rolling off the dealer floor take some inspiration from from Jake Hobbs builds. 

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